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We stock a wide variety of Hydraulic fixtures: JIC, SAE EMPLOYER, Pipe, Flat Face, Compression and Metrics. These fixtures are capable of supplying leak-proof full flow connections in hydraulic systems running from 95 kPa (28 in Hg) cleaner to working pressures shown in dining table 1. Because so many facets influence the stress where a hydraulic system will or won’t perform satisfactorily, these values should not be construed as assured minimums.

They have been intended for the text of tubes and hose fixtures to ports in accordance with ISO 6149-1. Regarding front part regarding the fitting a groove is made to place an -ring. A cut and deburred tube 14 is placed over a die 38. A small amount of forming oil is sprayed over tube 14. Tube 14 is driven into die 38 before ejection rod prevents its travel.

Because pipe threads are tapered, repeated set up and disassembly only aggravates the leakage problem by distorting threads, particularly if a forged fitting can be used in a cast-iron port. The clear presence of the -Ring groove improves the sealing metal to steel characteristics, because the groove divides leading seal surface associated with the fitting in 2.

Technicians only have to lube the respective threads, attach mating parts, and tighten the bond. Adjustable fittings are screwed to the mating member, oriented in required way, and locked set up when a locknut is tightened. Due to the fact nut tightens on the fitting body, the -ring compresses involving the body and also the flat face for the pipe flange (or braze sleeve) to form a good, good seal.

Typically, the female portion kinds section of a different fitting or connector that connects a hydraulic hose to a machine, gear, or fixture or is fixed upon or directly part of a tube that links the pipe to a machine, equipment, or fixture. To produce a tube connection, a pipe nut is tightened throughout the metric threads forcing a ferrule or cutting ring to grip the tube.

Buy Male Seal-Lok Straight Fittings, -Ring Face Seal,#1J071 by Parker Hannifin , SKU: ci-8406-74603008 – Parker’s 1J071 fittings can be used with 77C, 772 and 774 hoses. Face seal fittings are employed as end connections of industrial hose assemblies performing at high pressures and are additionally used in critical cleaner applications, over an extensive range of temperatures.

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